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Kambo is one of the most powerful natural resources to strengthen our immune system. It is considered the strongest natural antibiotic and has antiviral and antibacterial properties as well as pain relievers. 

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Before your ceremony Chris offers a consultation where any questions you may have will be answered. Consultations are also important to make sure there are no contraindications in order for you to receive the best course of treatment possible. 

You will need to fast for at least 10 hours before the Kambo Ceremony. You will want to continue the following suggestions after the ceremony as well. 

  • You will want to begin your preparatory diet 3 to 5 or days before the first session. Be prepared to maintain this diet throughout the entirety of the ceremonies

  • No prescription medication the days of ceremonies, some prescriptions require to be off for at least 5 days, this will be discussed with Chris during consultations. It’s advised to consult with a physician before weaning off pharmaceuticals.

  • Women who are on their moon cycle may not participate at that time

  • Avoid all sexual activity prior to ceremony including masturbation

  • Avoid all things that make create sweating such as excessive exercise, the sauna, and spicy foods 

  • Avoid alcohol as your liver will be working over time with the medicine of the frog

  • Avoid drugs such as heroin, cocaine, etc. (please discuss your drug use with Chris ahead of time)

  • Avoid dairy, greasy food, salt, red meat and processed food

  • Avoid all types of junk food and carbonated beverages

  • Be conscious with what you put into your body both through food and the energy of your environment (people, media, etc.)



Before each ceremony Chris offers a consultation where you will discuss health history, medications, set your intention, and develop a deeper understanding of what you can expect to experience. It is important to understand that every experience is unique and will have various effects. The more of a connection you create with the frog, and the more you experience this powerful medicine, the deeper you will be able to heal. Each session is 2-4 hours long, and food will be provided after the ceremony.



The focus of this session is too clear the body of toxins and release unwanted stagnant energy. You will participate in a smudge ceremony in order to clear your energy field before you start. Chris will then walk you through intention setting, and a Mapacho and Kambo ceremony. 


The focus of this session is to take you deeper into healing the physical, mental and emotional body. Now that you have cleared out toxins in the first session, deeper blockages can be accessed and healed. It is important to remember to stay off media and keep your energy clear leading into this session. 



The focus of this session is to continue to release stagnant energy, and to focus on your intention. In some cases, depending on your level of experience Ancestral or Generational healing can occur. 

1 day Kambo Ceremony: $230     |      2 day Kambo Ceremony:  $420     
3 day Kambo Ceremony:   $600

**Payment plans and small group and couple rates available
30% non-refundable deposit required upon booking
*** Healing Spirits Kambo is professionally and medically insured.


Kambo is extremely 'intelligent' and responds well to those who care for themselves. In order for you to get the most out of your experience with the frog, it is important to set a clear intention, cleanse yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually ahead of time, and commit to after-care. 

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  • Hydration is key! Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day

  • Honour your digestive tract and eat a clean healthy diet for at least 72 hours after a session, if not indefinitely 

  • Be mindful of the media that you consume 

  • Allow your body to rest as needed, and avoid any heavy lifting or physically strenuous activity. 

  • Take time to integrate, journal and reflect on your experience with the frog

  • Be conscious of how you are spending your time and with who, surround yourself with positive energy and people 

  • Stay out of direct sun for 24 hours.


FREE 30 minute curiosity calls are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Please click the button below and kindly fill out the form. You will then receive a text or email to schedule a time. 

Kambo is one of the most powerful natural resources to strengthen our immune system. It is also anti-viral, anti-fungal, an antibiotic and acts as a pain reliever

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I started my journey with the frog in 2017 in an effort to further my healing process. I immediately felt it working as I was able to heal parts of myself that still needed healing. Kambo was able to bring things to the surface that needed love, care and attention. By bringing my focus to these areas of my life I was able to do the integrative work. I strongly felt the effects it had on my relationships with family and friends, as well as with the challenges I faced due to ADHD. It was the start of a beautiful relationship between the frog and I. After participating in several ceremonies over a few years, I felt the relationship becoming stronger and felt the calling to learn how to serve the medicine safely. I was taught how to traditionally work with this medicine in the same way the Matses tribe from Peru have for thousands of years. I learned from a Master Kambo trainer, who lived in the jungle for many years and learned directly from the Matses. I was certified in serving Kambo through the Rainforest healing center and strongly believe in authenticity and tradition.

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